Wrestling Growth
Our brands work together to grow the sport of Wrestling from the ground up. We are making the barrier to entry into wrestling extremely simple and satisfying.
Easier Events
Nearly half of our brands revolve around using technology and organization to run simpler events & to create positive experiences for new wrestlers and parents.
Organized Coaches
Disorganization is not good for Wrestling. We've developed softwares and practices to help new or experienced coaches more effectively manage their rosters and curriculums. 
All of our events serve as amazing fundraisers where 100% of the profits go back to the school team or club running the event. We provide the software to allow school and club teams to benefit financially.
There are pockets of the USA where wrestling isn't accessible. Our brands make it easy for new programs to start, fundraise, and organize. This ultimately helps more children benefit from the wonderful sport of Wrestling.
Kids First Attitude
Wrestling coaches often sacrifice financially to better the lives of their athletes. We've brought this mentality to the company. We're focused on the future of our Sport, not simply profit. It's about the kids...

7 Brands, 1 Mission. To Assist in the Growth of Wrestling Nationwide by Utilizing Technology to Keep the Sport More Organized and Easier to Manage for Coaches, Wrestlers, and Spectators

Our Core Services Make the Jobs of Coaches, Parents, Wrestlers, and Spectators Easier and More Efficient.

Scroll to Learn How We Keep Organized in our Mission.

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wrestling tournaments
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wrestling tournaments
wrestling tournaments near me
wrestling tournaments
wrestling tournaments near me
Rapid Brackets Software

Please watch the video to get an overview how Rapid Brackets makes traditional wrestling events easier.  Using a well-thought-out algorithm, we're able to complete brackets in as little as 2 hours with no announcements. Like WAR Zone, everything is communicated via text message. As you saw in the video, tournament directors have very little responsibility at the Event, as the software handles most of the traditional tournament director roles. Table workers can be taught their jobs in less than 60 seconds. This is an amazing fundraiser for any school or club wrestling team as the host keeps 100% of the profit that their event generates. Click below to learn more about the software.

For Tournament DirectorsFor Parents & Wrestlers

It all starts with the event finder heat map. It's free for anyone in America to post their events regardless of their software choice to run the event. The form to add your event is simple and fast. This will become to go-to place to find wrestling competitions in the United States. We also have information on all of our event solutions, wrestling education, technique videos, a blog, and much more. This centralized website will be the main hub for everything we do as a company.

find wrestling tournaments

Our Seven Wrestling Brands Work Together To Help Accomplish Our Mission...

Well Run Tournaments

An A-to-Z approach to running wrestling events. We handle every piece including setup, mats, marketing, staffing, directing, and tearing down an event.

Currently, this full circle approach is only being offered in the Long Island, NY area. However, we're working towards offering it in other areas of the country. Please contact us at wellruntournaments@gmail.com if you'd like to discuss being a regional tournament director.

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wrestling tournament software
WAR Zone Pairing Software

Please watch the video to get a 360 overview on this new type of wrestling competition. Using the latest technology, we're able to provide all wrestlers with 4-6 matches in just 2 hours. Medals are earned by number of wins to encourage kids to keep wrestling regardless of results. As you saw in the video, this is a perfect format for beginners and experts alike, because of our rating system accurately pairs kids based on age, weight, and skill level. Plus, text message pairings are stressless and efficient. Click below to learn more about the software.

For Tournament DirectorsFor Parents & Wrestlers
Wrestling Team & Club Management Solutions

This software helps teams and clubs stay more organized. As seen in the video above, it allows for so much possibility for a program. Things like... easy communication within an entire organization, curriculum management accessible by students and parents, precise and consistent instruction across all levels of a program, parents being more involved in their children's learning, and so much more. Check out the video to learn all the capabilities.

Learn More About The Software
The Grind Wrestling Reality TV Show on Youtube

The Grind is a wrestling reality television featuring our CEO, Jason Layton, and the squad at Team Dynamic. It provides a crash course on what it means to be an elite youth wrestler. It covers the ups and downs of competition, intense practice schedules, the struggles with making weight (and why cutting weight is terrible for kids), and so much more. The series features lots of hilarious personalities, intense matches at national events, and lots more crying that we bargained for. Catch the first episode here or watch the full series below.

Watch the Full Series
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Learn More About Well Run Tournaments
The Dynamic Wrestling Academy

This is the root of it all. It serves as our Corporate Headquarters and Mind Laboratory for Wrestling Reimagined. Run by our CEO, Jason Layton, this fully staffed, state-of-the art facility is where we train our wrestlers with group and private instruction. It's home to many elite wrestlers prominently featured on The Grind, our Wrestling Reality Show, as well as countless State and National Champions and Placewinners.

The club doubles as a homebase for a lot of the Wrestling Reimagined Staff.  Everything we do as a company is embodied at our academy. Ideas and theories are tested meticulously at Team Dynamic before making it to the public. We host events, remotely run tournaments, utilize the club management software, develop new products and services, and much more. Right from the place where it all began.

Learn More About The Dynamic Squad
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