Hey, my name is Jason Layton, the creator of WAR Zone and Head Coach at Team Dynamic in New York (as featured on the popular Youtube wrestling reality show, "The Grind.")
First, Please Watch this Short Video
We've got local hosts throughout the United States. Click below to find an event in your area using our tournament heat map.
It's about a minute long, and will give you a basic overview of how an event goes. After you watch it, we'll get into the parent's role in WAR Zone Events.
The email typically arrives shortly after 6pm on the night before the event. Show up at the assigned weigh-in time and weigh in with your singlet on.

Wait For the Email with Your Child's Start and End Time.

Find a WAR Zone Event Near You at:


Anything in red on the map is a WAR Zone Event. Once you find your event, watch the following 2-minute video to learn how to register.

A Parent's Role in the Process is SIMPLE.

Repeat Process for 2 Hours

When your child's two-hour window is complete, the site will lock you from requesting matches. That's your cue to report to the head table for medals. 

Check with your local host to learn about their award criteria. 

It's Your Role to Find Your Child Matches At the Event.

Go back to the email we sent the evening before the event. Click the link to go to wrestlingrating.com and log into your event.

Once there, follow the simple instructions in this short video.

wrestling tournament software
Find An Event in Your Area
Find an Event

Go Home and Enjoy Your Family.

You're busy managing a household and coordinating varying schedules. Wrestling events shouldn't take up your entire Saturday.

Our software gives you back your flexibility. So, take the time we're proud to save you, and create a memory with your family.

wrestling tournament software
Want to Host a WAR Zone Event?
You keep 100% of the profits your event generates -- and we'll give you a ton of customizable marketing templates to bring in the crowds. If you're interested in learning more about the easy process of becoming a host, please click below.
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WAR Zone is a much more efficient and optimized way to run a wrestling event. Wrestlers get 4-6 matches in 2 hours against quality competition.

We've designed this page to fill you in on a parent's role in the process. Scroll Down for 5 Easy Steps to Enjoy Our Events.

After they weigh-in, they are immediately eligible to wrestle a match.
wrestling tournament software

By Using Mathematics and an Extensive Algorithm, WAR Zone Software Allows For:

wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software

Five to Six Matches Per Event

No Weight Cuts & More Fair Matches

2 Hour Wrestling Windows

Tournament Directors can Guarantee that parents will spend a maximum of 2 hours in the gym (per wrestler in a family). In and out quickly.

Our rating system allows us to accurately rate wrestlers, and pair them against the best possible matchups. Weight cutting does not provide a competitive advantage.

Our nationwide average is just over 5 matches per wrestler, per event. In 2 hours. We've seen as many as 12 matches in a 120 minute window. Lots of quality mat time!

wrestling tournament software

Text Message Pairings

wrestling tournament software

A Great Experience For Beginners

1 in 3 wrestlers will start and quit before the 5th grade. Using our rating system, we can pair wrestlers based on skill, creating fair matchups for all levels. This helps retain beginners through skill-appropriate matchups.

All pairings happen via text message. Parents get texts when they've requested a match, when their child is paired, and when the match concludes.