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After you've officially signed up to become a WAR Zone Host, we'll teach you the software through 6 very short videos designed to take you from Average Joe to Pro in less than an hour total.

Tournament Director Training

About WAR Zone & Wrestling Reimagined

7 Brands, 1 Mission. To Grow Wrestling. We're hardcore advocates of this amazing sport providing solutions to make the barrier to entry into wrestling easier through better competitions. All of our softwares marry technology and human beings with this goal in mind. We're working around the clock to ensure the future of wrestling is bright. Join us in this mission by trying one of our softwares for your next event!

Run a WAR Zone This Coming Season!

You don't need to know an exact date right now, nor have all the details. Only that you want to run an event in the near future. We'll help you with the rest.

In our quick, 15-minute introductory call, we'll discuss get to know you and your program, discuss how you've run events in the past (if at all), and set you up with a path to success.

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Become a Tournament Host Today and Keep 100% of the Profits Your Event Generates as a Fundraiser.

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We want to learn about your program and how we can work together to grow wrestling.

Preset Marketing Materials

We'll also send you a flyer, a registration link, and an array of preset marketing templates to easily get kids to your event while explaining the software. As simple as copy/paste.

wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software

A Great Experience For Beginners

Text Message Pairings

Five to Six Matches Per Event

No Weight Cuts & More Fair Matches

2 Hour Wrestling Windows

Tournament Directors can Guarantee that parents will spend a maximum of 2 hours in the gym (per wrestler in a family). In and out quickly.

Our rating system allows us to accurately rate wrestlers, and pair them against the best possible matchups. Weight cutting does not provide a competitive advantage.

Our nationwide average is just over 5 matches per wrestler, per event. In 2 hours. We've seen as many as 12 matches in a 120 minute window. Lots of quality mat time!

All pairings happen via text message. Parents get texts when they've requested a match, when their child is paired, and when the match concludes.

1 in 3 wrestlers will start and quit before the 5th grade. Using our rating system, we can pair wrestlers based on skill, creating fair matchups for all levels. This helps retain beginners through skill-appropriate matchups.

By Using Mathematics and an Extensive Algorithm, WAR Zone Software Allows For:

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Tournament Checklist

Preparation is everything, and it's easier with a roadmap. We give you a comprehensive outline of everything you need to prepare for to ensure your event is an annual hit in your community.

Pairings Done Remotely

We've taken this step out of your hands. The only cost of our software is $30/hour for a pairings master who will pair the entire event for you and be in a text message thread with you throughout.

We've Surveyed Thousands of Wrestling Parents. 91% say they want a combination of more matches, quicker events, and more skill-based matchups. WAR Zone checks all the boxes! Click a Button to Explore...

Registration Page

With you Every Step of the Way

Kids register right online at - at the end of the event, we send you a check for the total that came in, minus the pairings master fee & 1.5% (half) of credit card fees.

We've run thousands of events and solved all the small issues that arise. We've got it down. We're in a text thread with you throughout the entire event, and available via phone, email, or chat during preparation.

As Hardcore Wrestling Advocates, We Designed WAR Zone To Grow Wrestling in 2 Simple Ways...

Retaining new wrestlers by providing Simpler and Faster Competitions with fair matches and start/end times.

Giving back to the programs. WAR Zone Event Hosts Keep 100% of Profits when they run their event with our software. This money gives wrestling teams finances to invest in their team & keep growing wrestling locally.

"The New Way. Way Better...!"    - Randy Ray

"Great Job - 5 Matches in Less than 2 Hours." -Shawn Stebbins

"At times in round robin tournaments, Ronin will have only 2 easy matches. At WAR Zone, he had 6 very tough ones in 2 hours. Was awesome!! Thanks Jason!" - Rene Barro

"Excellent tournament. Niason had 6 matches and we still made it home in time to have lunch and spend time with my girls.  I LOVE WAR ZONE!"      -Anthony Duncan

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