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Get All Wrestlers 4-6 Fair Matches in 2 Hours on a Simple to Operate Software.

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The format is different from the traditional bracketed event, in a good way.

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Seeing is believing - catch a glimpse of how it all flows.

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Directing an event is effortless and stress free.

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Some other features that make it stand out for directors

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Training and marketing help

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A great solution for pre-existing leagues

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Pricing is tiered based on the registration fee you choose - use the revenue calculator below to estimate your revenue

Parents love our format - hear from a few of them

Youth Wrestling Leagues have popped up nationwide as a solution to get young wrestlers a few matches in a short amount of time, making things easier for parents.

These leagues are wonderful additions to our sport, but require thousands of collective hours pairing, planning, rating, and executing.

Our software will seamlessly integrate with what you're already doing to provide a solution that saves your organization tons of headache and stress on the little details. 

Our rating system updates in real time without assistance, and hosting is simple and inexpensive.

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We take out 90% of the responsibilities of typical hosting. The weigh-in schedule is preset for you. Matches automatically deliver to mats. Logistics and scheduling are all handled. Communication is all done via text message without your assistance.

You simply conduct weigh-ins, and make sure there aren't lapses between matches causing the event to slow down. Table workers learn their roles in under 5 minutes.

Everything else is handled for you. We make it very simple to run a flawless event that saves everyone time and energy.

You're never on your own at any step of the process.

We'll train you on how to run the software in under 15 minutes. We're with you 24/7 on event day via text message, phone, or video. 

You'll receive a director kit including a customized flyer, preset marketing materials, video demos, and everything else you need to run a flawless event.

And, we'll help market your event to over 15,000 past WAR Zone participants, segmented by region and state.

"We made a 2-hour drive to the event then wrestled 8 matches. We ate lunch with the family and then drove home and I was still able to catch the Primetime Game. I love WAR Zone!"

-Tom Croom, Parent

"We've attended 10 WAR Zone Events. My son has gotten an average of 6 matches, always in exactly 2 hours. I didn't believe it at first, but wow! Once you experience one, you're hooked.

-Vince Cicco, Parent

"We've been to literally hundreds of wrestling events. I've never seen anything like WAR Zone. We were in and out with tons of matches. I hope this grows to become the new standard!

-Joey Fiore, Parent

Running a WAR Zone is simple

It all starts with a quick 15-minute phone call with our team. We'll answer any questions you have, and get you on a path to success. The entire process is simple, stress-free, and creates an amazing fundraiser for your school or club team.

Become a Director
Become a Director

This calculator will help you get a good idea of finances. It will provide exact numbers based upon your specifications. 

Please note, this expected revenue is ONLY for registrations. Tournament directors make profit in numerous other ways, and keep 100% of it, including spectator admission fees, concessions, gear sales, and more.