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We've developed a roadmap to running great events combining efficient software with excellent customer service, exact time parameters for parents, and a staff that knows how to execute. Setup and tear down are a breeze, and we have a backup plan for our backup plan.

We have a nationwide email list of over 20,000 past tournament participants, a sterling reputation, and all the marketing materials to go with it. Paired with our regional directors' connections, we're able to fill events in most of America.

We provide all the staff for the event including table workers, tournament director, weigh-in master, concessions, front door, and more. This is a full 360 approach to running a wrestling event. You'll find that our staff know their jobs inside and out and are on top of things.

Calculated, Precise, and Fast Wrestling Tournaments

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We provide facility rental, event staff, tournament software, registration pages, tournament marketing, referees, mats, table workers, and everything in between. 

There's nothing we haven't thought of when it comes to running the most efficient tournaments in America. It's a bold claim, but we can back it up... 

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wrestling tournament locater
wrestling tournament locater

To date, we've been involved in hundreds of successful wrestling events, either as the sole host or in partnership with local clubs or teams. 

We've refined our processes through the years, and truly believe that we run the most efficient wrestling events in America. There's a big reason we can make this claim...

We've Developed a Smart System to Get Wrestling Events Right

It All Starts with the Softwares...

Our wrestling event solutions give parents start and end times (as little as 2 hours), utilize text messages to communicate bouts to wrestlers, and more efficiency hacks. Check out the short videos for an overview of each.

Add in a Scientific Approach...
Let's Partner Up and Fundraise...

We're rapidly expanding and would love to come to your area! Let's discuss partnering and hosting in your city as a fundraiser for your team. We're flexible in our approach and are willing to work with many different situations. Let's give wrestlers, parents, coaches, and spectators in your area an experience they won't soon forget!

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The Cherry on Top is the Experience 

We've tested theories, explored the possibilities, and developed an approach based on meticulous trial and error. Wrestlers, parents, coaches, and spectators benefit from our extensive nationwide testing.

Parents haven't previously seen anything like these events. Our events feature accurate start and end times, text message pairings, no announcements, head table weigh-ins to eliminate weight cutting, and so much more. It's not just a wrestling tournament, it's a full experience unlike anything else in Wrestling.

wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software
wrestling tournament software