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Just $2 Per Competitor

Most wrestling softwares charge a per competitor rate, then upcharge for things like registration collection and expert support.

With Rapid Brackets, it's all packaged into one, easy, per-competitor fee. There's also a nominal credit card processing fee.

Our package comes with a 98% parent satisfaction score, and a 100% director rating.

Communication is not your responsibility at Rapid Brackets Events. 

As the tournament progresses, automatic text messages keep parents informed. They'll receive notifications every step of the way with brackets, mat assignments, opponents, round times, and much more, without any action on your part.

No need for a PA system or any fancy equipment.

50% of wrestlers start & quit before 5th grade. Our retention as a Sport is poor. When surveyed, parents prefer sports competition with relative start and end times. Baseball has innings, football has quarters, soccer has halfs. Wrestling has "show up in the morning to weigh in and guess when it'll end."

By switching to Rapid Brackets, you're committing to running an event that takes this pain point away from new parents, and gives us a great shot to double leg this statistic.

Matches are automatically delivered to the mat according to the preset schedule. Table workers can learn how to use this scoreboard in less than 1 minute. Once a match result is submitted, brackets automatically update. Parents are immediately notified of results, updated brackets, and new round times. Table workers can use a variety of devices, but a smartphone will work just fine.

Bracketing is completely done for you. When weigh-ins conclude, the software automatically creates & delivers brackets.

There is no work on a tournament director's end to do anything. It happens automatically and without assistance.

The software automatically picks the best bracket type based on the number of competitors.

Your main responsibility is weigh-ins. We automatically stagger them for efficiency. There won't be lines.

You need one scale, one staff member, and one laptop or phone. It's all very straightforward.

Past that, tournament directors oversee the event, communicate with us throughout, and go spend their time networking instead of glued to a computer.

Zane Turnipseed

Tournament Director

We got a 180-wrestler event done in 5 hours. It was just so easy to run. There's so much done for you. I got to coach at the event and do everything in between including ref a few matches. I spent a few minutes doing weigh-ins and then passed it off. I was able to train my entire staff to do their jobs properly in under 5 minutes. It was an awesome experience and a great fundraiser for our program. We can't wait til' the next one!

We have 3 wrestlers in our family. We're used to competitions being all day long while pretty much guessing when your kid is going to wrestle. With Rapid Brackets, everything was texted to us. We knew exactly when to show up, and exactly when we'd be leaving. They stayed perfectly on schedule, and all of my children finished their brackets in a less than 2 hours. It was super smooth, and the software is self-explanatory.

Jen Wesolowski

Wrestling Mom

We had around 150 wrestlers show up for our event. The entire thing took 4.5 hours, which is remarkable. I'm always a little skeptical with big promises, but these guys delivered plus some. Not only did we complete all the brackets on time, but we also actually had some down time between rounds that allowed us to provide the kids with about 100 total exhibition matches through the day. We've already scheduled our next one.

Clay Allen

Tournament Director

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