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Every Competitor Gets a Start and End Time for their Bracket (as low as 2 hours)

Watch the 2-minute Video to See How We're Changing the Landscape.

Weigh Ins Are Done Immediately Before a Bracket Begins - Eliminates Weight Cutting

Text Message Pairings - No Announcements Necessary

Logging Results is a Breeze for Table Workers

Tournament Directors Have No Hassle - The Software Does it All

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2 Hour Brackets

When you register for a Rapid Brackets Event, you'll receive a Start and End time for your bracket, as well as a weigh-in time (at the head table for convenience).

It can be done in as little as 2 hours per bracket.

It's Easy to Run a Rapid Brackets Event!

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Text Message Pairings

If you've attended a WAR Zone Event, you already know. Get a text when your wrestler is in the Hole (3 matches away). Show up to the mat and wrestle. 

No more fuzzy PA announcements.

Quick Weigh-Ins

Less recovery time discourages cutting. Wrestlers weigh-in at the head table with their competition gear on, and then immediately begin their bracket.

Let's eliminate dangerous weight cutting together.

Easy to Operate

Tournament directors role is organizing the event, marketing the event, and weighing kids in. The software literally does everything else.

Your time is better spent coaching. Go do it.

Table Workers

Table workers log into a site on their phone, and select a winner and a score. By doing so, they automatically move the bracket along and get new matches.

It takes about 60 seconds to train table workers.

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We're With You Every Step of the Way

It benefits everyone when you run a quality event. For that reason, we help you with everything you need from setting up the event, marketing it, running it, registration, and more. All tournament directors will receive:

A Customized Tournament Flyer

Access to Our Marketing Kit

Video Software Tutorials

Tournament Checklist

A Registration Website

Tips on Running Events

This online kit contains everything you need to get kids to your event and explain the format. We're talking plug n' play social media images and captions, email templates, letter templates, infographics, videos with captions and much more. 

There's not a whole lot to operating the software. Nevertheless, we provide video tutorials for every major role including table workers, tournament directors, mat side weigh-in master,  software FAQ's, and more.

A Spot on our Event Map

Unlimited Access to Support Team

We've got a talented and helpful team completely dedicated to this Software. If at any time you need help of any kind, we're extremely responsive. Whether by phone, email, or text, a representative will get you squared away quickly.

The Cornerstone of Wrestling Tournaments .com is our Event Finder Heat Map. Quickly and easily find any event in the country. It's completely free for anyone to list their tournament on our map, regardless of their choice of software to run the event.

Fill Out the Form to Apply to Be a Rapid Brackets Tournament Director and Make a Substantial Fundraiser for Your Club or Team.

Tournament Hosts Get a Big Fundraiser for School/Club Team

Traditional Tournament Director Role Drastically Reduced

Weigh kids in, keep the event flowing, and hand out awards. The software does registration, bracketing, and pairing.

Wrestling has an attrition problem. This software was designed to help retain new wrestlers by providing the non-hardcore wrestling parent with an efficient and fast experience. Now we have start and end times like basketball and football.

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